Shipping Method

We deliver to the customer via EMS service. You cannot specify a shipping carrier.

Delivery Times and Coverage

After the work is completed, we will ship the product.
EMS usually arranges delivery within 7-10 business days, but may vary per country.

  • Door-to-door, customs-cleared service. Import tax/duty fee is to be paid separately (if available). Depending on some countries it might be necessary to pick up the parcel from the local post office. We stronly recommend you to keep tracking and contact your local post office for more details
  • Hold at local post office for 7 days and return back if not claimed
  • If parcel is damaged or missing, EMS compensation limited to 20,000 JPY is free of charge. It is possible to upgrade the claim amount of by paying 50 JPY for each 20,000 JPY. The maximum limit on the compensation to be paid is 2,000,000 JPY
  • Online tracking that gives you access to round-the-clock shipment status and automatically updates you and the consignee by e-mail
  • Depending on some countries, it might be necessary to pick up the parcel from local currier company office

Shipping charges for reference

USA California  10,000JPY
USA Texas  10,000JPY
USA New York  10,000JPY

China  5,000JPY
Korea  5,000JPY
Taiwan  5,000JPY
Hong Kong  6,000JPY
Singapore  6,000JPY
Indonesia  6,000JPY
Thailand  6,000JPY
Vietnam  6,000JPY

Estimated arrival time is 7-10 business days for North America and Asia.